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I'm On Break is a weekly podcast that serves up takes on work, leadership, and everything in between, all in a casual watercooler-style format.

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It's time for a much-needed break. A time to momentarily escape the daily "grind" and gather around the water cooler for some therapeutic banter before diving right back in. 

My name is Daniel Leal and I started On Break Media as an avenue to address the everyday challenges of work-life. As a seasoned corporate desk jockey, I’ll share my first-hand experiences, revealing the secrets, quirks, and triumphs of the 9-to-5. From outrageous office politics to inspiring leadership insights, I hope my relatable stories and practical advice help my fellow "breakers" navigate the work week. 

So smash that clock, grab your coffee, and tune in. Oh! And If anyone asks, "what the hell are you doing?", tell them..."I'm On Break". 



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